Fabric Products

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Fabric Division

PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk

Bogor, Indonesia

12.9 hectares (129,000 square meters)

Production Facilities:
Weaving, Knitting (Warp and Circular), Dyeing, Finishing, and Coating

Annual Production Capacity :
Woven Fabrics - 80,000,000 yards, Knitted Fabrics - 1,500 ton (1,500,000 kg)


Established in Indonesia, 1974, PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk is a fully integrated Weaving, Warp Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing and Coating synthetic fabric (Nylon and Polyester) manufacturer in Indonesia.

PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk is equipped with technological advanced machineries from Germany, Japan and Taiwan producing quality woven and warp/circular knit fabrics for garment and lifestyle industries.

In addition to manufacturing fabrics for the garment and lifestyle industries, PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk is also known for its versatile capacity to produce special applications fabrics used in automotive, home furnishings and outdoor industries such as decorations, furniture, outdoor tents, sleeping bags, car seat covers and many more.

As part of our value added products, we can do various types of Finishing and Coatings such as:

  • Anti Static
  • Water Repellent (WR)
  • Water Proofing (WP)
  • Polyurethane Coating (PU)
  • Milky or Silver Coating (MC)
  • Breathable Coating
  • Wicking

PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk is accredited with quality certifications from Oeko-Tex standard 100 from TESTEX.