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FULL YEAR 20162015
in USD thousands    
Current Assets 27,01926,442
Non-Current Assets 22,41430,395
Total Assets 49,43356,837
Current Liabilities 19,58739,187
Long Term Liabilities 13,6944,626
Total Liabilities 33,28243,813
Total Equities 16,15213,024
Total Liabilities & Equities 49,43356,837
Net Sales 35,16536,980
Gross Profit (152)(2,835)
Operating Profit (2,121)(5,736)
Total Comprehensive Income 3,127(10,485)
Exchange Rate IDR/ USD1-End December 13,43613,795
Exchange Rate IDR/ USD1-Average Rate 13,30813,389

*Notes: the figures are translated in US dollar for convinience purposes, using individual year-end foreign exchange rate for balance sheet items and average foreign exchange rate for income statement.

Financial Ratios ( % ) 20162015
Current Ratio 137.967.5
Debt to Equity Ratio 81.5250.5
Gross Margin 0.47.7
Net Margin 8.928.4
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