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Corporate Social Responsibility

PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk and Subsidiaries are committed its own sustainable CSR programs and continues to adjust its business to create a harmonious relationship with the environment, the communities and their cultures. We have implemented various CSR programs covering social, health, and environment to demonstrate our responsibilities to care for the communities and our customers.



PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk and Subsidiaries have been actively carrying out community development programs around the company's manufacturing facilities by providing US$ 50,000 financial donations. Furthermore, we have provided material aids such as jackets to the victims of the Mt. Merapi volcanic eruptions in 2010, valuing up to US$ 20,000.


The environment is an inseparable part of the company's business activities. Over the years, we continue to maintain the balance between business practices while taking into account the environmental conservation. One of our contributions to the environment is by converting our energy source from Residual Diesel to Natural Gas to support the eco-friendly energy source. We also implemented energy conservation policies and cleanliness in the environment throughout PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk and Subsidiaries.



PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk and Subsidiaries have donated US$ 56,000 to the surrounding communities for road, house of worships and community center improvements.



PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk and Subsidiaries have donated of US$ 146,066 to major activities held by nearby communities and for the constructions of a new house of worships, roads and medical facilities. In 2012, we have been actively participating in the national flood management by giving special aid for flood victims.