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PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk. and Subsidiary

PT. Evershine Tex was established in 1974 and listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange since 1992, PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk (A Public Listed Company) and together with its wholly owned subsidiary PT. Prima Rajuli Sukses is a fully integrated company. PT Prima Rajuli Sukses manufactures Polyamide 6 yarn and PT Evershine Tex manufactures synthetic fabrics which includes Nylon and Polyester.

PT. Prima Rajuli Sukses (Manufacturing Facility) have a total production capacity of 21,000 tons per annum of high quality Polyamide (Nylon 6) filament, textured, twisted yarn, air textured and micro filament yarns applicable for woven and warp knit, circular knit, raschel knit, elastic, narrow weaving, embroidery, sewing thread, sweater, socks/hosiery etc. PT. Evershine Tex have a total capacity of 36,000,000 yards of synthetic woven fabric and 1,800 tons of warp knitting fabrics per annum. We continue to accommodate and develop fabrics for customers’ requirements in terms of design, hand feel, appearance, color and comfort. These fabrics can be used for Jackets, Sport Wear, Children Wear, Outerwear, Ladies Wear, Under Wear, Lingerie, Wedding Wear, Ribbon, Home Furnishing, Decorations, Bags, Automotive, and many more.

With our own in-house R&D and QC laboratories, PT. Ever Shine Tex Tbk and PT. Prima Rajuli Sukses are accredited with quality certifications of Oeko-Tex 100 from TESTEX an independent Swiss Textile Testing Institute, ISO 9001:2015 from SGS, and Institute of International Testing Association for Applied UV



ISO 9001:2015



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